Design a State-of-the-Art Data Dissemination and Analysis for DSS Using Web and Mobile-Based Platform

Research Title .. : .. Design a State-of-the-Art Data Dissemination and Analysis for DSS Using Web and Mobile-Based Platform.
Principal Investigator .. : .. Dr. Mohd Nadzri Bin Md Reba
Research Description .. : .. Floods are hydrological events caused by abnormally high amounts of water input and insufficient discharge capacity. Early
.. .. flood warning systems are instigated to warn emergency services, local and central government as well as those communities at risk to take effective action before the occurrence of a likely flood. Effective early flood warning is essential if local authorities and emergency services can undertake the necessary measures to mitigate the effects of a potential flood and to warn the population of a possible threat. Early flood warning systems serve to save lives, to minimize flood damage to properties and reduce economic and social losses. The detection of the likelihood for flooding is achieved by meteorological and hydrological observations. Model based early flood warning systems are sometimes not feasible to validate hydrological prediction models due to practicality and financial constraints. Therefore, this research is initiated to provide a one-stop-decision support system (DSS) platform of data dissemination and advanced analysis for flood early warning system via web and mobile-based medium. The DSS will be based on rapid natural water yield forecasting technique using space-based data fusion with ground-based sensor data. The operation of an early flood warning system should be integral to the actions of the domestic flood warning unit (e.g. Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran), local authorities and emergency services (police, fire brigade, hospitals, military rescue services). Flood warning should give time to construct temporary protection, to evacuate people if necessary and to move valuables from buildings and properties.
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