Muhammad Izuan Nadzri

  “Living as a student, as well as a researcher, both demand skills and good intuition.
With the support from highly experience research team members, a better environment
were created and from these condition I can benefit myself. I look for forward on
working in such a conducive environment in future.
I FEEL GOOD. (^^,)”
 Name .. : ..  Muhammad Izuan Nadzri
 Research Interest .. : ..  Forest Water Yield
 Contact No (Office) .. : ..  + (60) 13 – 7013349
 E-mail .. : ..
 Present Position> .. : ..  Candidate of MSc Student (Full time)
 Supervisor : ..  Prof. Sr. Dr. Mazlan Bin Hashim
 Education : ..  B. Sc. (Remote Sensing), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
 Description   : .. Water yield (water crop or run-out) namely runoff from the drainage basin, including ground-water outflow that appears in the
………….. .. stream plus ground-water outflow that bypasses the gauging station and leaves the basin underground. Water yield is the precipitation minus the evapotranspiration. With advanced of remote sensing, these parameter can be collected with better spatial & temporal restriction.In such humid tropical rainforest country like Malaysia, water-yield exists in a bundle that it remains as the major sources for cumulative water collection in the catchment. To obtain it, several steps required such as 1) Acquisition and compilation of various satellite remote sensing data at different spatial and temporal resolution. 2) Satellite data pre-processing involving radiometric and geometric correction and data calibration and validation with in-situ observations. 3) Qualitative and quantitative assessment of precipitation and evaporation products extracted from remote sensing data.It has become an interest to calculate how much the capability of catchment in Malaysia to supply water and sustain it.  Several challenges exist and need to be overcome. With these limitations this research aims to create an option for monitoring water security not in a single location but is wide distribution from satellite input. From there, better water management and water supply can meet the demands during drought and monsoon season events.
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