Himan Shahabi

 Name .. : ..  Himan Shahabi
 Research Interest .. : ..  Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Satellite Data and Statistical Methods
 Contact No (Office) .. : ..  +(60) 16 – 6972788
 E-mail .. : ..  himanshahabi@gmail.com
 Present Position .. : ..  Post-Doctoral Research Scientist
 Supervisor .. : ..  Prof. Sr. Dr. Mazlan Hashim
 Education : ..  –
Discription  : .. The purpose of the this research is to investigate the landslide susceptibility mapping using four statistical models such as
………….. .. analytical hierarchy process (AHP), frequency ratio (FR), logistic regression (LR) and fuzzy logic (FL) at Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. The landslide influence parameters used for this study are lithology, land cover, NDVI, precipitation, elevation, slope, aspect, distance to drainage, distance to fault, and horizontal gravity acceleration of earthquakes. At first, landslide locations were identified from the interpretation of by SPOT 5 satellite, aerial photographs, and field surveys. Landsat ETM+ image acquired in 2006 was used for determining the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and land cover maps. The relationships between landslide distributions and these parameters were analysed using analytical hierarchy process, frequency ratio, logistic regression and fuzzy logic models with the aid of GIS tools and remote sensing data. Further, each causative factor’s weight was determined according these four methods and landslide hazard indices were calculated. For verification, the receiver operatingcharacteristic (ROC) curves were calculated.
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