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Geoscience and Digital Earth Centre (INSTeG) specialises in research, training and consultancy services in geospatial science and technology. 

As one of five research centre under Research Institute for Sustainable Environment (RISE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. INSTeG practices integrative and collaborative research which involves multi-disciplinary teams, knowledge and networking at national and international levels. Motivation, zeal and high level of research integrity are imperative related to ethic and values to reach really excellent outcomes. In the field of geospatial science and technology, INSTeG conducts research, provides consultancy and offers an educational program to national and international students.

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Tropical cyclone study from remote sensing data with machine learning approach.

Antarctica Expedition

Expedition Team has successfully conducted field studies in Antarctica from 25 Feb -17 March 2015. The studies include sun photometric measurement for aerosol and coastal water quality sampling; soil, water and sediment sampling for microbiological work; ROV testing under cold Antarctic water; and monitoring of human physiological changes under extreme conditions.

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Congratulations to Mr. Isa Muhammad Zumo

Congratulations to Mr. Isa Muhammad Zumo in recognition of an outstanding 3MT Oral Presentation at The International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium IGARSS 2020 and also congratulations for outstanding performance as a best presenter at the 1st International Graduate Conference of Build Environment and Surveying GBES 2019

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