IMAT 2021 Airmeet Attendee Guidelines



Dear all, IMAT2021 Airmeet registration link will be emailed to all registered participants.

Attendee Guide: Before the IMAT2021/ICSERA2021 Conference Day


Access through Airmeet via Invitation Link

  1. An invitation link of IMAT/ICSERA conference, we will be sent to your email upon your registration (we will use the email from the registration form).  
  1. You’ll find a link for IMAT/ICSERA Airmeet registration in the email:
  2. Through the link, you will be directed to Airmeet IMAT/ICSERA landing page where you can see your information (according to the details that you’ve provided in the IMAT/ICSERA conference registration form).
  3. Complete the Airmeet registration by clicking the “Complete registration” button at the bottom of your information.


IMAT/ICSERA Airmeet Conference Site

  1. Upon Airmeet registration, you will be directed to IMAT/ICSERA Airmeet landing page. From here, you can enter the Airmeet conference site using the registered account.
  2. Attendees need to provide device permission in order to allow access for your camera and microphone.
  3. For detailed technical instruction related to computer and browser compatibility, kindly click here:

  1. If everything looks good, click “Continue,” and you’re in the conference!


*Please remember, the session in the conference will only start on 1st November 2021 8:30am (Malaysian time). If you enter the conference before the start date, you can roam around the conference site, see all the scheduled session, and visit the available booths.


*If you are using Android application, please refer this manual for setting up your device.


Should you require assistance on Airmeet registration, please contact IMAT2021 technical team, Dr. Norikhwan at

Please refer to the full IMAT2021 Airmeet  Guidelines – Airmeet registration and online/pre-recorded video presentation steps in the pdf file and video as given below.