IMAT would like to welcome interested participants to submit their latest development in the science and engineering research in the fields of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, combustion and all topics related to thermal fluids.

  • Multi-phase Flow
  • Boundary Layer and Free Surface Flows
  • High-Speed Flows
  • Compressible and Incompressible Flow
  • Laminar and Turbulent Flow
  • Flow Control and Diagnostics
  • Rough Wall Turbulence Flow
  • Wind Tunnel Experiment
  • Thermal Environment and Energy Consumption
  • Indoor Environmental Design
  • Supersonic Microjets
Heat Transfer
  • Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer
  • Microscale Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Environmental Heat Transfer
  • Heat Transfer in Buildings
  • Heat Transfer in Electronic and Lighting Equipment
  • Thermal Insulation
Energy Conversion systems
  • Mechanical Vapor Compression Heat Pumps
  • Absorption Heat Pumps
  • Adsorption Heat Pumps
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Desalination Systems
  • Cogeneration Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Heat Transformers
  • Solar Thermal Systems
  • Dehumidification Systems
Environmental Engineering
  • Assessment of Low Emission Development Strategies
  • Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Sources
  • Energy Planning
  • Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy and Water Conservation
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Ecology
  • Life Cycle Assessment
Thermophysical Properties
  • Thermophysical Properties of Composite Materials
  • Thermophysical Properties of Porous Materials
  • Thermophysical Properties of Low GWP Refrigerants
  • Thermophysical Properties of Food



Guidelines for Pre-recorded Video Presentation

Attention to all IMAT2021 Participants,

During the IMAT2021 parallel session, a maximum of 15 minutes will be allocated for the live or pre-recorded video presentation and 5 minutes for live Q&A session.

Please take note on the NO SHOW POLICY :

All participants must be available for the parallel session during their presentation slot. This is a requirement for the participant to receive their participation certificate and to be nominated for award categories.

Therefore, all registered participants must prepare and upload a pre-recorded video of their presentation based on the following guideline.


1.0 Presentation Slides and Presenter Background

  • Presenter are required to use home institution template as the presentation slides.

  • Participants are encourage to use IMAT2021 background template during the video recording.

2.0 Presentation & Duration

2.1 Live Presentation

  • Presenter to join the parallel session according to the conference schedule with the given Airmeet link.

  • Live Presentation : 15 minutes (Maximum)

  • Live Q&A : 5 minutes

  • Compulsory to prepare pre-recorded video as a back-up for any problems occurring during the live presentation

  • Pre-recorded Video Presentation – please refer to 2.2 Pre-recorded Video Presentation

2.2 Pre-recorded Video Presentation

  • Presenter to join the parallel session according to the conference schedule with the given Airmeet link.
  • Pre-recorded Video Presentation : 15 minutes (Maximum)

  • Live Q&A : 5 minutes

  • All videos must be encoded as an MP4. The file size must be less than 200MB.

  • Video must be set for HD format with minimum 1280 x 720 or other 720p settings

  • Name the video file as: IMAT2021_PaperID_PresenterName.mp4 (Example: IMAT2021_71_AhmadAzhari.mp4).

  • The pre-recorded presentation must include a window box with the speaking presenter via a webcam as shown below.

  • Presenters are encourage to use IMAT2021 presenter background template during the video recording.
  • IMAT2021 presenter background template.

3.0 Tips for Pre-recorded Video Recording

  • Use a place for recording as quietly as possible.

  • Avoid areas that have an echo or bad acoustics.

  • A good microphone close to the mouth. Avoid, if possible, using the default built-in microphone on the computer.

4.0 Pre-recorded Video Submission

  • Deadline: 20th October 2021

  • Click the following link to submit your pre-recorded video

If you have any further inquiries regarding the pre-recorded video submission, kindly send your email to:


If you are unable or have problem with IMAT2021 Pre-recorded Video Google Form Submission Link, you may send you pre-recorded video to Dr. Norikhwan
Please name your pre-recorded video file IMAT2021_PaperID_PresenterName i.e. IMAT2021_72_AhmadAzhari


The IMAT2021 authors are requested to prepare the manuscript according to the AIP Conference Proceeding template which can be downloaded below. Please submit the full papers via the EasyChair submission system. The IMAT2021 manuscript will be sent for the peer-review.


ALL ACCEPTED PAPERS will be published in AIP Conference Proceeding. Selected papers will be published in either Evergreen Journal (Scopus Indexed) or Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ISI Indexed) subject to standard review process.

Indexed Publication



Joint Journal of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences & Green Asia Strategy