1. The medium of the conference will be held using WeBeX.
  2. All participants are highly suggested to install the WeBex software on their respective PCs/laptops earlier before the conference day.
  3. The virtual conference will be held in two modes (Pre-recorded and live mode).
  4. All participants who have chosen the pre-recorded mode must send their pre-recorded presentation slides (ppt) to the ICoST2020 secretariat (by email) before or on 8th August 2020 (Saturday).
  5. Each participant will be allocated for only 10 min of presentation (either pre-recorded or live mode).
  6. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the session (5 min for each presenter). All Q&As will be gathered and opened at the end of each session.
  7. All presenters must stay in their respective online room until the end of the session for the Q&A.
  8. Only live presenter will be evaluated for the Best Presenter Award (estimated to be announced within 3 days after the conference day through the website and email).
  9. All presenters (in pre-recorded and live mode) is COMPULSORY to attend the respective appointed session and be prepared for the Q&A session at the end the session.
  10. There will be a testing session on the 10th August 2020 (Monday). The details will be emailed to each participant soon.