Poster Session

Session 1 (11-12 October 2015)

No. Paper Title
1 Methodological Review in Assessing Water Footprint using Life Cycle Approach, Noor Salehan Mohammad Sabli
2 Households Carbon Emissions in Felda Taib Andak Community, Kulaijaya, Johor Darul Takzim, Mohd Safuan Ibrahim
3 Safety Issues Consideration for Direct and Indirect Heat Transfer on Total Sites
4 Evaluation of GHG Emission from Industrial Solid Waste in Iskandar Malaysia
5 Iskandar Malaysia Eco-Life Challenge: Low Carbon Education for Teachers and Students, Dr. Fatin Aliah Phang
6 Planning a Better Land Use Composition for Cleaner Air in Iskandar Malaysia, Muhammad Azahar Zikri Zahari
7 Multi-Period Electricity Planning Comprises Renewable Energy and Carbon Dioxide Reduction, Ahmad Fakrul Ramli
8 Accelerating the Transformation of Low Carbon Society in Iskandar Malaysia: Focus Group Discussion as a Tool for Multi-Stakeholders Integration
9 Strengthening Community Participation in Reducing GHG, Achmad Siddik Thoha
10 Waste-To-Wealth: Biorecycling Centre as Core Elements in Living Laboratory to Create Sustainable Zero Waste Campus Plan, Nur Suraya Kamsano
11 Review of the Microalgae Growth in Palm Oil Mill Effluent, Rosnani Resdi
12 Design of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System during Flood Disaster, Sam Kah Chiin
13 Urban Configuration and Sky View Facor Effects on Temperature Increase in Hot Humid Region, Lin Yola
14 Natural Disaster Resilience of Urban Transportation Infrastructure, Kwang Sik Kim
15 Declining Land Use Mix: Are Residential Areas of Iskandar Malaysia Promoting Low-Carbon Travels?, Anis Shazreen Azmi
16 Neo-Institutional Economics in Low Carbon Direction: From Residential Open Space Protection Perspective, Gabriel Ling Hoh Teck
17 Reducing Fear of Crime through Spatial Configuration Analysis for Low Carbon Society, Sara Jaberolansar
18 CO2 And Water Flows Embodied In International Trade: A Review On Consumption-Based Analysis
19 Electric Vehicles and Future Low Carbon Passenger Mobility in India, Dr. Minal Pathak
20 A Concept of Total Site-Carbon Integration for CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage, Wan Norlinda Roshana Mohd Nawi
21 Are The Neighborhood Commercial Areas of Iskandar Malaysia Centrally Located for Low-Carbon Travel?, Nadhirah Nordin
22 Lipid Recovery by Microalgae from Agro Industrial Waste Water as Biofuel Substrate, Hesam Kamyab
23 Modeling the Causal Linkages between Non-Renewable and Renewable Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions, Maryam Mirzaei
24 Hydrological Effects of Long-Term Palmisation on Upper Muar Watershed in Johor, Noradila Rusli
25 Mircobial Diversity of Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) – Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Co-Composting, Dr. Sune Balle Hansen
26 An Integrated Pinch Analysis Framework for Low Carbon Industrial Site Planning, Ezah Abdul Aziz
27 Recycling Awareness and Practices among Felda Residents in Southern Region, Huszalina Hussin
28 GHG Mitigation from MSW Management in Thailand: Possible Scenarios and Targets
29 Maturity and Quality for Compost from Food Waste and Green Waste, Wong Jin Hong
30 Low Carbon Emissions Review in Aviation Engine Technology for ASEAN Airspace: A Proposal, Nithia Kumar Kasava
31 Design Biogas Distributed Energy System through Gas System Cascade Analysis (GSCA), Muhamad Nazrin Othman
32 Cradle-to-Gate Potential Environmental Impacts Assessment of Bioethanol Production from Palm Oil Residue Utilizing Life Cycle Approach, Che Hafizan Che Hassan
33 Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Iran, 2025, Maryam Mirzaei
34 Power Pinch Analysis for Suitable Strategy on Purchasing and Selling of Electricity, Liu Wen Hui
35 Land Use Impact in Life Cycle Assessment, Mohammad Hossein 
36 A Multi Period Model for Steady Planning of Oil Palm Eco-Industrial Town, Mohamad Firdza Mohamad Shukery
37 A Review of Algal Oil Extraction Methods for Bio-Oil, Nadzirah Mohamad
38 Methane Emission from Thin Layer Landfill
39 Framework of Environmental Performance Index Palm Oil Mill, Nabila Farhana binti Jamaludin
40 Multi-Objective Planning of Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant for Electricity Generation, Muhammad Saufi Tarmizi


Session 2 (12-13 October 2015)

No. Paper Title
1 Reducing CO2 Emission in Transport Sector of Malaysia: Present Status and Future Challenges, Dr Anil Minhans
2 Malaysian Low Carbon Behavior Performance Assessment Tool: Towards Low Carbon Society, Neo Sau Mei
3 Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation Cycle in Offsetting Carbon Emission, Fatimah Hafifah Mohd Hanafi
4 Living Laboratory as the University Global Plan for the Sustainable DNA Campus, Nur Suraya Kamsano
5 Soil Organic Carbon in Secondary Forest of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Campus, Nurun Nadhirah Md Isa
6 Evaluation of Community Engagement Program on Water Awareness for Students in Malaysia
7 Recycling Awareness and Practices among Felda Residents in Southern Region, Wong Wai Yoke
8 Analysis on Modelling the Flexible Operation Mechanism of CO2 Capture Power Plant, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi
9 The Need of Social Discount Rate for Renewable Power Plant Project: Contribution towards Low Carbon Society, Chua Ai Jiun
10 River Treatment using Cellulosic Fibres via Fabricated Column Models-Two River Case Studies, Low Wen Pei
11 Selective CO2 Photoreduction over In2O3/TiO2 Catalyst in Monolith Photoreactor
12 Sustainable Green Management System as a Unified Approach for Facility Management, Mohamad Asrul Mustapha
13 Anaerobic Digestion of Biodiesel By-Product for Biogas Production, Mohd Azlan Ahmad
14 Awareness and Agreement on Low Carbon Strategies among Urban Population of Malaysia, Mahmoud Murtala Farouqa
15 Sustainable Container Handling Equipment Planning: CO2 Reduction by Agent-based Modeling, Jonathan Yong Chung Ee
16 Evaluation of Effective Microorganisms on Small Scale Simulated Kitchen-Waste Composting, Fan Yee Van
17 One Step Transesterification of Biodiesel Production using Simultaneous Cooling and Microwave Heating, Teo Chee Loong
18 Conversion of CO2 to Fuels in a Continuous Monolith Photoreactor using AgO/TiO2 Nanocatalyst
19 Reclamation of Fluorocarbons (FCS) Refrigerants as Opportunities for Carbon Mitigation, Darren Lai Chai En
20 Food Waste Management in Commercial Building, Khairunnisa Izzati Othman
21 Isobutanol and 3-Methyl-1-Butanol Production by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in Aerobic Condition, Nor Azah Ramli
22 Biogas Generation and Utilization for Industrial Decarbonisation
23 Automatic Energy and Carbon Emissions Monitoring using OPC: Unified Architecture, Noor Azurati Ahmad
24 Sustainable Design Improvement for Direct-Indirect Sequence of Aromatic Separation Process, Muhammad Zakwan Zaine
25 Preparation of Composite Activated Carbon Nanofibers (ACNFs) for Adsorption of Heavy Metals, Norfadhilatuladha Abdullah
26 Assessing Environmental-Sustainability of Product Life Cycle: A Case Study of Hollow Fiber Membrane, Salwa Mahmood
27 Methanation Technology over Ceria based Catalysts: In-Depth of Surface Optimization, Regeneration and Field Trial
28 Computer Simulation of Hydrogen-Rich Production from Biogas Reforming using ASPEN PLUS, Bahador Nabgan
29 Comparison Study of Combustion Characteristic of Biomass-Derived Pyrolysis Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil, Vekes Balasundram
30 Photocatalytic Conversions of CO2 and CH4 over Plasmonic Ag/TiO2 Supported on Mesh
31 Biodiesel Production using CaO Impregnated with Silica as Catalyst, Nurul Saadiah Lani
32 Biopolymer from Bacterial Cellulose for Removal of Chromium Ion in Waste Water, Norhayati Pa’E
33 Optimal Synthesis of Energy Efficiency Improvement for NGLS Indirect Sequence Fractionation Unit, Ahmad Nafais Rahimi
34 Process Integration of Hybrid Power System with Seasonal Energy Storage
35 Effects of Different Loading of Magnesium Oxide on Activated Carbon Nanofibers for Methane Adsorption, Faten Ermala Che Othman
36 Steam Reforming of Biodiesel By-Product for Hydrogen Production, Dr. Ir. Ramli Mat
37 Calcium Titanate Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil, Noor Yahida Yahya
38 Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Properties of Hollow Fiber Ceramic Support Membrane using Low-Cost Raw Materials for CO2 Capture, Mohammed Abdulmunem Abdulhameed
39 Integrated Process Design and Control Methodology for Heat Exchanger Network, Suraya Hanim Abu Bakar
40 Optimal Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis with Operability and Safety Considerations