ERASMUS PLUS (SPIRE) – University of Bologna, Italy
After a solid kick off meeting with Asian partners on May 13th, 2017 at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the programme then continued to achieve its mission via completing the next milestone of the programme via attending the WP2 (Dev): Capacity Building session: 1) Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (10-13 September 2017) 2) University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy (13-16 September 2017) A total of 40 participants from 11 universities had successfully undergone the comprehensive training on intellectual property development. In summary, the WP2 (Dev): Capacity Building, had successfully conducted by the EU partners and achieved according to the programme needs which to enhance human capacity concerning knowledge, managerial and administrative skills in organisation of IP Management Units. A set of training materials tailored to training for trainees approach was successfully conducted according to the partners according to their experience, covering relevant aspects for efficient R & I practices, such as research and technology mapping, research protection law protection, network strategies, etc.
ERASMUS PLUS (SPIRE) – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia
Based on the experience of the EU HEIs, SPIRE will set up a regional network for HEIs to stimulate dialogue & coaching. Taking advantage of the fact that the WP leader hosts the Secretariat of AUN (associated partner), work and efforts for an IP Network will be resumed towards a regional platform for exchange of IP related experiences, information and good practice, and pooling of useful IP resources (publications, TT agreement templates, etc.)
ERASMUS PLUS (SPIRE) – Masaryk University, Brno
The programme milestone for WP2 (Dev): Capacity Building session was also completed by visiting to Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic from 10-13 September 2017. A total of 20 participants from 11 universities had successfully undergone the comprehensive training, to achieve the programme objective which to enhance human capacity concerning knowledge, managerial and administrative skills in organization of IP Management Units. Likewise the training at the Bologna University, the visit too was set to train participants using clustered training materials tailored to relevant aspects for IP and R & I practices and efficiency. In general, Masaryk University is the second-largest university in the Czech Republic, located in Brno. At present it comprises nine faculties with over 200 departments, institutes and clinics. Recognized as one of the most important teaching and research institutions in the Czech Republic and a highly-regarded Central European university, it has been infused with a strong democratic spirit ever since its establishment in 1919. It also offers degrees in a wide range of traditional as well as newly-emerging disciplines and is currently one of the fastest-growing higher education institutions in Europe. Placing a great deal of emphasis on international cooperation with prestigious foreign universities and research institutions, Masaryk University supports the continuous exchange of knowledge, ideas and information as well as researchers, instructors and students on a worldwide scale, assuring equal educational and research opportunities for all.
ERASMUS PLUS (SPIRE) – Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
The second Capacity Building program within the Strategic Intellectual and Property Management Workshop for Effective Research and Innovations in Asian Higher Education (SPIRE) project was hosted by Chulongkorn University, Thailand from 5-9 March 2018. Located in Piman Room at Montien Hotel Bangkok, the second international workshop was held to discuss ‘Technology Transfer Management’ to give the exposure for university staff working in the IP Management area. Trainer from Finland, Dr Pasi Malinen and Mr Petteri Sinervo share many experiences at University fo Turku and also case study for everywhere around Europe. This capacity building Module II is based on this fundamental need at the universities and will address the following aspects of research and technology commercialisation at HEIs. Content includes technology transfer management practices at HEIs at the European level and deeper insight into various approaches to technology transfer, IP policy implementation, laws and regulation and technology transfer management in different European countries (based on European case studies in UK, Sweden, Finland and Belgium. The next capacity building for the project will be at the University of Turku, Finland next year. The project was co-funded by Erasmus+ of the European Union.
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