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Aktiviti Bulan September 2022


Aktiviti - audit OSHE TNCPI ( Peringkat UTM)

Aktiviti September 2022

Diketuai oleh  Dr. Zaidah ( Manaher Chemical Management Unit – CMU ) 

Aktiviti Ceramah OSHE
Saya pilih sihat pd 22 Nov 2022.
Penceramah : Dr. Nor Atikah Abd Razak ( Peg. Perubatan PKU UTM)
Awareness on Ergonomic and Manual Handling in the Workplace
                 Tarikh : 21 Julai 2022 
                 Hari   : Khamis 
                 Masa : 10.00 am – 12 pm 
                 Lokasi :  Bilik Jasmine, N22 IBD  
                 Penceramah : Ts. Dr. Norhayati Mohamed Noor 
Training on Chemical spillage Kit & PPE program

20 Jun 2022 

Ceramah OSHE IBD - Keselamatan Ruang Bangunan dan Makmal Serta Penguatkuasaan Larangan Merokok

Tarikh : 12 April 2022

Masa : 10 pagi

Tajuk Ceramah : Keselamatan Ruang Bangunan dan Makmal Serta Penguatkuasaan Larangan Merokok

Nama Penceramah   : Tuan Muhammad Afdhal bin Abdul Razak, Pegawai Keselamatan UTM



Module Development

Develop in partnership with the industries with continuous upgrading in order to make it industry relevant.

Expert Tutors

Experienced tutors from the academia, industry and policy making agencies balancing the individual needs for adequate technical knowledge and practical case studies.

Mode Of Deliveries

  • Public short courses at various centres.
  • IN-HOUSE PROGRAMME where the course modules are designed to suit the need to individual companies.

Hands On Approach

For courses organized at IBD ,participant will have the opportunity to operate semi industrial scale process equipment with full control and instrumentation setup.

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