Contract Manufacturing Services

Lab Scale Spray Dryer

Capacity : 500 ML/ hour

~ Temperature up to 220 degree

~ Products feeding by rotary pump, capacity adjustable

~ Suitable for food items, pharmaceuticals and fine chemical

~ Suitable for product testing and process scale up

Production Scale Spray Dryer

Capacity: up to 30 liters/ hour

~ Accurate temperature controlled by PID

~ Products feeding by rotary pump

~ Suitable for foods items

Turbo Extractor (Essential Oil Extract Specialist)

Capacity: 250 liters/ batch

Extraction Method:

~ Hydro distillation

~ Steam distillation

~ Aqueous and solvent extraction

Freeze Dryer


~ 100 liter/ batch solution

~ 80 kg/ batch fresh fruits

Process duration 48 hours per batch


~ Operation temperature -40 degree

~ Suitable for juices, extract and fresh fruit