Dental Services

Dental Clinic Background

Dental Clinic  Health Centre, UTM dental service began in February 1994. This clinic is under the Health Unit of Health center which is under the administration of the Student Affairs Office, according to its primary function to provide treatment facilities to the students of this university.

Temporary dental clinic is located at Level 2, Block H07, College Tun Fatimah. And now Dental Clinic has moved into the existing Health Centre.

Currently Dental Health Centre, UTM managed by a Dental Officer, 2 Dental Surgery Assistants and a health attendants.

Dental clinics provide dental treatment only to the UTM students and staff, that is some 22,000 students from UTM and around 6,000 people UTM staff. Dental services is a priority to UTM students. UTM staff can get dental treatment only during the students’ semester breaks, holidays between semesters and on Saturdays after office hours. Locum Dental Officer will provide dental services to staff on Saturday.

Dental services provided as follows:

  • Diognosis & dental examinations
  • Dental abscess treatment
  • Medication
  • Filling : “posterior”/ “anterior
  • Scalling
  • Minor oral surgery
  • Endodontic  treatment
  • Extraction
  • X-ray
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