Case Handling


Urine test (Drug) Procedures

1.      Urine collection instructions made by the Safety Officer. Urine collection from those suspected to be done immediately and witnessed by at least one witness from the affected areas, namely :

a)       Students case – Student Affairs Officer / Principal / Representative
b)       Staff cases  –  Head of Unit / Head of Department / Representative
c)       Foreigner – Representative of the Company or the Representative of the Department /  supervise of unit.

2.     Collections can be made at a location that  appropriate by the Security Officer.

3.     Security officers need to fill in the following two forms completed and clear before taking a urine sample:

a)     Request for Drug Detection In Urine  form (white form) in 4 copies.
b)    Validation form for urine inspection (yellow form) in 3 copies.

4.     Urine collection must use a special bottle supplied by the University Health Center.

5.     Urine samples must not be less than 20 ml, the second level on the bottle. If the amount is not sufficient, the suspect must be arrested and given a drink until can get enough urine.

6.     Pengawasan semasa kencing mestilah diperhatikan oleh seorang saksi mengikut jantinanya. Saksi ini boleh terdiri dari salah seorang pegawai keselamatan atau mana-mana saksi tersebut di atas.

7.     Each bottle was filled with urine must be endorsed by :

           a) Number of bottle
           b) Date and time of collection 
           c) owner name 
           d) No. metric (students) or No. identity card (staff / external employees)

8.       Completed labeled bottle should be wrapped tightly with plaster prepared, put into a box or container (which fit) and seized with sign of “SECURITY UNIT”.

9.      The container must be stored safely at room/ iron cupboard at the security station while waiting to be submitted to Graduate Health Centre before 4.00 pm on working days.

10.  Results will only be notified in writing  by UTM Health Centre to:

a)       Deputy Vice Chancellor of student affairs & alumni – for student cases
b)       Registar  –  for staff cases
c)       Safety Director  –  for outsider cases
d)       Head of Department / Unit – for non government company inside campus



1.     Materials containing suspected drug must be collect by Health Officer at the place where it been found.

2.      Collection of the suspected materials containing drugs must be witnessed by another witness.

3.      Material must be certified by either the owner or occupier of the space in which the material is found.

4.      Health Officer must fill up clearly and completely two (2) copies of Application for Inspection on Suspected Material form:

a)       1 copy for Security Office
b)       1 copy  to be submitted to the Department of Chemistry.

5.    All materials should be filled in separate containers and must be labeled with :

        a) the reference number of cases 
        b) Description of the shape of the 
        c) Date of the material found 
        d) The substance has been found

6.    Container contains suspected materials which has been labelled, neatly wrapped, must be put into a box or fit container and seized with the sign of “SECURITY UNIT”.

7.    Container must be safely stored at the security station while waiting to be handed and submitted to Chemistry Department.

8.    Transmission and delivery of materials to the Chemistry Department organized by the Safety Officer during office hours. 

9.    Chemistry department received a report from the Safety Officer.

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