Taman Tropika UTM (UTM Tropical Park) is a public park serving both the University and the surrounding community. It is at the edge of the lakes fronting UTM thus enhances the main gateway to UTM.

Rumah Tropika UTM is the first phase of the public park development around the lake and it was completed in 2000.

Taman Tropika UTM is famous for its collection of heliconias and gingers species. It is mainly designed for passive recreational activities, especially for students to refresh and relax after their busy routine schedules. They can also do light evening strolls and exercises apart from watching others take part in the water activities.

There are two major buildings in the park; The Tropical House and The Gallerium (a gallery cum museum for UTM). Both buildings are treated as pavilion buildings to fit easily the site and reduce the footprints. The location of these building later adjusted on site to avoid existing trees being cut. The gallerium, which was added later, formed the west wing and redefined the courtyard from which the majestic view of the UTM’s mosque is framed.

Rumah Tropika UTM (UTM Tropical House) is a single space timber building functions as information gallery for Taman Tropika UTM (UTM Tropical Park). Both buildings are designed to be responsive to the natural context. They are designed to take advantage of natural environment and compliment to the park/garden setting. The buildings face to the lake with open timber decking and viewing pavilion.

The character and image of the buildings reflect tropical architectural solution, fully shaded, avoiding direct sunlight and maintaining good daylight. The Tropical House is naturally ventilated. The use of timber in the Tropical House compliment the garden setting by incorporating landscape as part of the life of the building. It is recreational as well as educational facility towards understanding tropical building and plants. It is open to university and neighbouring communities. (Courtesy Mohd Hamdan Ahmad, Jurnal Alam Bina, Jilid 8, No.2, 2006)

Facilities Activities
  • Wakaf
  • Washroom
  • Parking Space
  • Tropical House (Information Centre)
  • Educational Visits
  • Plant Research
  • Sightseeing
  • Leisure and Recreation