Tasik Ilmu & Tasik Desa Bakti

UTM has lakes that compliment further the natural ecosystem of the university. Calm, soothing sounds of water and visions of fish swimming in these lakes could ease the stress and pressures of work and study.  Tasik Ilmu and Desa Bakti lakes are priceless as they offer continuous joy and a relaxed atmosphere as well as being the place to participate in recreational water activities.


Tasik Ilmu were originally small rivers that were enlarged and combined to become a lake. The Tasik Desa Bakti  is the starting point of the Ecotourism Campus which was an initiative launched by the  UTM Vice Chancellor who had released various types of small fish  to be reared in the lake. Tasik Ilmu has 6 puntings that can be used for recreation and leisure activities (under development).

Facilities & Activities



  • Wakaf (Gazebos)
  • Signage
  • Information Kiosks
  • Toilet
  • On Campus Bicycle Station (Tasik Desa Bakti)
  • Barbeque (BBQ) [Tasik Desa Bakti]
  • Camping (Tasik Desa Bakti)
  • Kayaking (Upon request)
  • Water sports