Established in June, 2010, ICC (Innovation and Commercialisation Centre) was set up to focus on developing and commercializing UTM’s research products. The purpose of this centre, being the window to the industry, is to tap into the University’s ample facilities and experts. As the leading IP producer, we hope to look into the IP (Intellectual Property) potential and work closely with the industry to meet their market needs. It is also our desire to work together with the industry to produce new IPs and develop the products to the market potential level.

For more information: https://www.utm.my/icc/

-Lawatan & taklimat ringkas

Durasi: 1 Jam

Had Umur: 12 tahun ke atas

Minimum Peserta: 10 orang

Maksimum Peserta: 40 orang

Waktu Opeasi: Pukul 8.30 pagi-5.00 petang