Dusun UTM-Organic Farming

The university’s 22 hectare orchard charms visitors with its wide range of herb plants, fruit trees, a farm and a hugely successful horticultural nursery. Fishing in the orchard’s lake is allowed with approval from the management authorities.

For more information: https://www.utm.my/edutourism/farm/

Durasi: 30-45 minit

Had Umur: 9 tahun ke atas

Minimum Peserta: 10 orang

Maksimum Peserta: 20 orang

Waktu Operasi: Ahad-Rabu (8.00 pagi-5.00 petang)

Agrotani UTM

Durasi: 45-60 minit

Had Umur: Terbuka

Minimum Peserta: 10 orang

Maksimum Peserta: Nil

Waktu Operasi: Ahad-Khamis (9.00 pagi-4.00 petang)

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