UTM Aeronautics Laboratory

The Aeronautical Panel was established along with others to run the aeronautical engineering programme. It offers an Aeronautical Engineering degree program as a specialization of Mechanical Engineering, cover five main areas: namely aerodynamics, aircraft structure, flight dynamics and control, propulsion and aircraft Design. Thus, graduates of this programme satisfy the requirement to graduate as a mechanical engineer specializing in the field of aeronautics. The curriculum for Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical-Aeronautics) includes basic sciences and mathematics, common university courses such as humanities and entrepreneurship, engineering, courses which include basic engineering, mechanical engineering core courses, and aeronautical engineering courses. A 12 week industrial placement during the semester break will be undertaken by the undergraduates in order to expose them to the industrial needs and experience. The normal duration to complete the program is 4 years, or equivalent to 8 semesters. In addition, the postgraduate studies (MPhil, MSc and PhD) are also offered.

-Lawatan, taklimat ringkas & aktiviti

Durasi: 30-45 minit

Had Umur: 12 tahun ke atas

Minimum Peserta: 40 orang

Waktu Operasi: -10.00 pagi-1.00 petan

                              -2.00 petang-4.00 petang