Research Alliance

Our Research Alliance serves as a cornerstone for UTM researchers and play a pivotal role in bridging university research that stimulates innovation, encourages collaboration and commercialization.

UTM Research Alliance includes an internal team of expert researchers, a line of international experts, industrial partners and including government agencies.


Research Alliance in Frontier Materials

Producing advanced materials with sustainable approach ensured real-world application empowered by up-to-date processing & manufacturing technologies

Research Alliance in Resource Sustainability

With various pressure mounting up like resources scarcity & climate change, UTM focused on addressing such major agenda, playing an important role in bringing the concept of sustainability in society and resources

Research Alliance in Health and Wellness

UTM strives to create knowledge based bio-economy platform which leverage the existing bioresources integrated with bioengineering and cutting edge bioinformatics technique

Research Alliance in Innovative Engineering

UTM’s traditional strength in engineering seeks to revolutionize established technology while exploring the field of high performance infrastructure to address real world mobility


Research Alliance in Smart Digital Community

The most diverse community of researchers bring the best out of multi-disciplinary research focusing on smart and data driven concept and solution



Research Alliance in Frontier Materials/Penyelidikan Bersekutu Bahan Keterhadapan

Chairman/Pengerusi : Prof. Dr. Safian Bin Sharif

Telephone No. : +6075531023
Fax No. : +6075531004




Research Alliance in Resource Sustainability/Penyelidikan Bersekutu Kelestarian Sumber

Chairman/Pengerusi : Prof. Ir. Dr. Haslenda Bt. Hashim

Telephone No. : +6075531508
Fax No. : +6075531575




Research Alliance in Health and Wellness/Penyelidikan Bersekutu

Kesihatan dan Kesejahteraan

Chairman/Pengerusi : Prof. Dr. Rosli Bin Md. Illias

Telephone No. : +6075535564
Fax No. : +6075569706




Research Alliance in Innovative Engineering/Penyelidikan Bersekutu Kejuruteraan Inovatif

Chairman/Pengerusi : Prof. Ir. Dr. Abu Sahmah Bin Mohd Supa’at

Telephone No. : +6075531102
Fax No. : +6075531004




Research Alliance in Smart Digital Community/Penyelidikan Bersekutu Komuniti Digital Pintar                                        

Chairman/Pengerusi : Prof. Dr. Kamalrulnizam Bin Abu Bakar

Telephone No. : +6075531008
Fax No. : +6075531004




The Research Alliance is located at:

Office of Research Alliances
Level 2, Sultan Ibrahim Chancellery Building,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM Johor Bahru,

Telephone No. : +6075531001
Fax No. : +6075531004

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