General Information

Developers usually have some sense of the market when they first consider a site or development concept. As entrepreneurs, they are constantly following trends, watching other developers and looking for new niches to fill in the market. Based on this knowledge, a developer will identify an opportunity and create a concept for taking advantage of that opportunity. This initial idea will make intuitive sense to the developer, but gut feelings are not a sound basis for investing thousands or even millions of dollars in construction. The developer needs more detailed information about the market before proceeding even t the preliminary design phase. Here is where the market analysis comes in. The market analysis helps the developer answer a series of questions to refine the project concept.


Objectives of the Course:

i.  Introducing on the purpose of conducting market study for property development.

ii. Identification on the details of analyzing locational, competition, risk on market study of property development.

ii. Enhance knowledge in conducting the market study for property development.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Market Study and Feasibility Study
  • Market Analysis
  • Site/Locational Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Application of DCF Technique and Financial Feasibility
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