Parents/Guests Etiquette Attending UTM Convocation Ceremony


Each graduate will be given two entry passes.  The entry pass must be shown on the car dashboard upon entering UTM. The pass later must be presented by parents/guests upon entering the ceremony hall.  Each entry pass is entitled to ONE car/parent/guest. The passes will be distributed during the convocation attire collection process.

Parents/guests are required to be seated in the hall before 7.30 am (morning session) and 1.45 pm. (Afternoon session).

Parents/guests are advised to have their breakfast or lunch as well as, for the Muslims, to perform their solat before participating in at the ceremony. It is anticipated that the ceremony will take a long time. Parents/guests are not allowed to leave the hall before the convocation ceremony have been concluded.

Parents/guests are required to dress formally according to the following:


Male Guests Dress Code
National, Batik, Lounge Suit or Appropriate Formal Dressing (jeans and t-shirts are not allowed)


Female Guests Dress Code
National, Formal dress or suitable dresses (gowns or dresses that are above the knees, short skirts, sleeveless blouse, t-shirt or trousers are not allowed)

*  Guests who failed to follow the dress code will be prohibited from entering the ceremony.

During the convocation ceremony, parents/guests are requested to be well-behaved and not to make any unnecessary noises.

Parents/guests without the invitation cards will not be allowed to enter the hall.

Guests under the age of twelve (below 12 years old) will not be allowed to enter the hall.