Please refer to to check your debt status or contact us:

i) For full-time/mainstream student (ALIRAN PERDANA) – Please contact The Bursary office at 07-5530152/ 30215/ 30235

ii) For part-time postgraduate student (PESISIR) – Please contact Sekolah Pengajian Siswazah (SPS) through email

iii) For part-time undergraduate student (UTMSPACE) – Please contact Finance Department, UTMSPACE at 07-531 8034 / 8036 / 8037 / 8038


For graduands who have paid all arrears, please get a release letter from the Bursary / UTMSPACE.

Graduands who fail to pay all arrears within the prescribed period are not allowed to attend the convocation ceremony.  

*Please note that Graduation Attendance Verification must be made before 21st April 2022.