Graduate With Debts

All graduates are requested to check their accounts and ensure all outstanding debts are paid before 25th October 2019.

Graduates who fail to pay all arrears within the prescribed period are not allowed to attend the convocation ceremony. Payment can be made through one of these methods:

  1. Internet Banking (CIMBClicks or MIGS Credit card online payment)
  2. Banker’s cheque / Money order made payable to “Bendahari UTM”
  3. Cash/debit card/credit card at our payment counter

Graduates can refer through or contact us:

i) For full-time/mainstream student (ALIRAN PERDANA) – Please call The Bursar office at 07-5530152/ 30215/ 30235.
ii) For part-time postgraduate student (PESISIR) – Please call Sekolah Pengajian Siswazah (SPS) at 07-5538008/ 37786
iii) For part-time undergraduate student (UTMSPACE) – Please call Finance Department, UTMSPACE at 07-521 8155


For graduates who have paid all arrears, please get a release letter from Pejabat Bendahari/UTMSPACE.