Graduate Registration


Morning session : 6.45 – 7.15 am
Afternoon session : 12.15 – 12.45 pm 

Lobby of Student’s Union Building, UTM Johor Bahru (next to CIMB) according to the date, time and program listed in the Conferment Session.

Required Documents

  • Graduate’s Invitation Letter
  • Identity Card/MyKad/Graduate’s Passport

Conditions for Registration
Graduates without the following documents such as invitation letter/identity card/MyKad/passport will not be allowed to attend the ceremony. Graduate must dress appropriately according to the dress code for the convocation ceremony.

Entry Requirements
University reserves the rights to bar a graduate from participating in the ceremony if he/she has not registered for the convocation ceremony.

You must bring the invitation letter when you collect the convocation dress and register for the convocation as this will facilitate the administrative procedure. Without invitation letter of convocation/ IC/ MyKad/ Passport, graduates are not permitted to register to participate in the ceremony.

Graduates who are late and not dressed appropriately according to the dress code for the convocation ceremony as listed in the conferment session will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.

University reserves the right to stop or prohibit the graduates who did not register to participate in the ceremony.

Queue / Slide Card
The Slide Card that has the number/arrangement of rows will be given to each graduate during registration to guide graduates according to the number given during the procession. Please follow the instructions given by the officer-in-charge.

Graduates will assemble and proceed from the pathway between Students’ Association Building (SUB) and the Bangunan Canseleri Sultan Ibrahim (Administration Building) according to the program and the number given.

Parking of Vehicles
Graduates and their parents / guests should park in the parking lot that will be provided by the University. Please follow the directions / instructions given by the Authority of the University.

Zuhr Prayer
Graduates who are Muslims allowed praying Zuhr after registration. Time for Zuhr prayer is at 12.51 p.m. After Zuhr prayer, Graduates has to go into the queue by a queue number / order set in during registration.Graduates who are not returned to the queue at 2.00 pm will not be permitted enter the hall.

Personal Goods
Graduates are advised not to bring bags, cameras, mobile phones, pager or other personal items into the Hall.

Graduates with special needs (PWD)
Graduates with special needs (pregnant, disabilities or injured) requiring equipment such as a wheelchair or an assistant are advise to fill-up Form K6 and return it to the Convocation Secretariat before 1st November 2019  through  email:  or call 07-5530363/31157.