1. Will the 65th UTM Convocation Ceremony be held physically?
  • The 65th UTM Convocation Ceremony will be held physically with strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) set by the National Security Council of Malaysia (MKN) starting from 21st to 28th  May 2022.
2. When is the rehearsal?
  • There will be NO PHYSICAL REHEARSAL.
  • All graduands NEED to watch the rehearsal video provided on the convocation website.
  • In addition, there will be important announcements made in the video.
3. What are the requirements to get the invitation letter?
  • Graduands must be free from any debts.
  • Graduands must complete Graduate Tracer Study.
  • Must be register with UTMAlumni through Alumni Integrated System (ALIS) at http://alumni.utm.my/
4. What should I do before collecting the convocation attire?
  • Complete the Graduation Attendance Verification.
  • Set the appointment to collect and return the convocation attire.
  • Please bring a smartphone with UTMSmart installed (for QR Scan purpose).
5. If I cannot collect the convocation attire as scheduled, what should I do?
  • Graduates may ask a representative to collect the convocation attire by completing the particular details at I-Convo system.
  • The representative must PRESENT the Convocation Attire Slip during collection of convocation attire.
  • The representative can collect TWO (2) attires only.
6. How to verify convocation attendance?
  • Graduands are required to verify their attendance through I-Convo system at https://ekonvo.utm.my/ before 21st April 2022.
7. Are parents or families allowed to attend the convocation ceremony?
  • Only 2 persons are allowed to attend the convocation ceremony with following requirements:
    • Fully vaccinated
    • Low risk and no symptom
    • 18 years old and above
    • Dress appropriately according to the dress code.
  • Dewan Sultan Iskandar Entry Pass will be given at Dataran UTM after completing the health screening process.
8. Am I invited to the convocation ceremony after collecting my early certificate?
  • Yes. Graduands will be invited to the  convocation ceremony.  However, deposit amount will be charged to graduands (need to be paid during attendance verification) as follows:
  1. Doctorate Degree Graduands : RM1,000.00
  2. Master Degree Graduands : RM800.00
  3. Bachelor Degree Graduands : RM700.00
  • Deposit will be refunded after returning the robe in good condition.
9. Does this convocation ceremony allow international graduands who have fully vaccinated to attend?
  • Yes. Graduands who have fully vaccinated will be allowed to attend the convocation ceremony with strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) set by the National Security Council of Malaysia (MKN) and Immigration Department of Malaysia.
10. If I am unable to attend this upcoming convocation ceremony, is that possible for me to attend the next convocation ceremony?
  • Yes. Graduands are allowed to attend the next convocation ceremony subject to availability and approval from the university. Once the date of convocation ceremony has been announced by the university, graduands can submit an official request to amd@utm.my attached with evidence.
11. What should I do if I have a technical issue regarding the iConvo system?

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