Prof Dr Mohd Nasir Tamin from the University of Technology Malaysia has succesfully developed a new mechanism-based fatigue life model. It is a model used to improve the fatigue life of steel wire ropes.


This model works to predict the reliability of the steel wire ropes for long term effect. By using the FE simulation, the local stress and strain fields in the critical wires were calculated where both of them act as the variables.



“ The former is dependent on the wire rope design and construction, while the latter requires consideration of large numbers of test parameters that including stress range, mean stress level, wire material grade and quality,” said Prof Dr Mohd Nasir Tamin, that was in a collaboration with Kiswire for the research.


Prof Dr Mohd Nasir Tamin believed, the mechanism-based fatigue life model is not only contribute to the prediction of steel wire ropes reliability, but also helps in improving the design of the material.