In a hot evening, cooling yourself would be one of possible “refreshing” idea.  One of the way is through sport’s facility provided by UTM and perfect for cooling down in hot sunny evening, which is UTM’s Swimming Pool. This pool located across UTM’s Stadium, nearby to UTM Cluster Area. You can easily search the location in google maps. This Olympic size swimming pool has 50 meter’s length and a 1.5 meter deep which would be suitable for beginner and advance swimmer. You could also dive by using some stands located at side of the swimming pool.


The UTMs pool


Diving stand at the side of the pool

While some people tend to think that swimming pool is limited only for swimming, yet the reality is different. Many UTM’s swimming pool visitors tend to used this chance for playing with friends, teaching and learning swimming, even bringing their children to “play” with the water. This created a living atmosphere in the pool itself.


Some visitors bringing their children


Students enjoying their noon

UTM’s swimming pool provided a locker at the restroom for keeping your items safe (by bringing your own lock), yet most visitors tend to put their belongings in chair provided near the pools. You can also shower and clean yourself here as the toilet are clean and quite large.


Locker provided in restroom


Most visitor usually put their belonging here


Restroom provided

There are several regulation before entering UTM’s pools. One of which is attire, you need to wear swimming wear including with the cap. The cap itself can be rent on the spot for RM2. UTM pool’s session are divided based on gender. There will be 2 shift each day which is for Male and Female. The ticketing price is RM 3 for student, RM 7 for staff and RM 8 for public in weekdays. While in weekend, the price will be RM 4 for student, RM 8 for staff and RM 9 for public. Please bring along your Matrix card before going to the pool. The schedule for the swimming pool shift session can be seen as below,


UTMs pool schedule and fees


Other part of the pool


Main signboard