High living costs, high studying expenses. All lead the students to work part-time during their studies. However, there are some students working part-time during their spare time, only to avoid wasted time.

Here are some popular part-time jobs among UTM students!

  1. Dropship / Online business

Online business and dropship agents are the easiest part-time job that are popular among students as it requires no fixed working time and flexible working places.

Online business is a type of business that operates online, by using the internet. Dropship agents is a type of marketing agents where someone register as a dropshipper for a business owned by other person. These dropship agents will help the business owner in promoting their products to customers. All received order will be directed to the business owner and management to be proceed. They will enjoy commissions based on the total of received order.



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Most of the students selling products such as beauty products, apparels, gadgets and also services, all by online!



  1. Small business in UTM area

Small business in UTM area, colleges and stalls are also popular among UTM students. They sells apparels and foods such as “cheese leleh”, sandwiches and sausages, soft drinks and other items.


Some of them also involved in the service business. They offers laptop repairing, websites establishment, and other technical services.


  1. Delivery services

Now this is the most popular part-time job among UTM students, especially for those that owned a car!

They conducted service business, which is delivery people to their desired location at an affordable prices. Some of them also helps delivery stuff such as foods and other items as well. Prices are vary and set by the students themselves.



Normally, they will create an online poster or print it out before promote the business to other students. This is why sometimes you will various posters hanging on the bus stop boards, colleges boards or in UTM social media groups account.


  1. Waiter

Some students prefer working part-time in fast food restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and McDonald. Working in a restaurant not only help them in making money, but also minimizing food expenses. Most of the restaurants provided free meals for their employees!







  1. Editing services

Hey, got some assignments and reports to check on? No worries! Editing services are also provided by the students, here in UTM! They offer spelling and grammar checks on thesis, reports, and assignments for undergraduate or postgraduate students.

This part-time job are flexible. The students can do it at anywhere and anytime, as long as they meet the dateline provided by the customers!


  1. Tutor

Tutoring is also one of the most popular part-time jobs. Many UTM students working part-time as a tutor, whether at a tuition center or on their own. There are many tuition centers in Johor that requested for UTM students to become their tutor, which proves that UTM students are very competitive in the education market!

For some special cases, some of the students with teaching experiences able to start-up their own class. Sometimes, the lecturers may request a private tuition class for their children, along with a considerable payments.


  1. Skim Pelajar Bekerja

“Skim Pelajar Bekerja” is a programme conducted by UTM Career Center for UTM students. The scheme helps students to find extra pocket money by putting them in any available positions in any of UTM departments. The allowances will be paid based on their skills and working time.




There are some UTM students working part-time as a receptionist in UTM HEMA building at Galleria Siswa. Some of them working in UTM International building. Any position that requires technical skills will be paid higher compared to a position with non-technical skills, such as writing and administration.

Working part-time is a valuable experience that helps the students to grow, prepare themselves for the working life after they graduate, and looks good in your CV later!