Graphic design is one of the popular ways used at this time to deliver something either event invitations, announcements, convey words of a man, and product marketing and other purposes.

Features of a Good Graphic Design:

I just want to share on what are the features of good design based on my own experience, 7 years of being a web developer, social media manager who is responsible for keeping the name of the UTM in this digital world.

After reading a few articles, I agree with the opinion that the characteristics of a good visual design include:

Readability. A good design actually do not need to challenge the human brain to read but instead should make audiences easily understand what is conveyed by the shortest possible time when looking at the design produced. Make sure that the text font size and arrangement of the invention that can be read, as this can generate more visitors interested in what is being promoted either product or event or announcement.

The use of images. Photos, drawing and painting to be used must be relevant for the target audience and the purpose of the design to be produced. Simple principle but many people has the difficulty in choosing the right images.

The use of colors. In a design either design clothes / fashion, mix-match the clothes and accessories, home interior design though, are strongly discouraged from using multiple colors of the pattern are not compatible. Same goes for graphic design. Colors used should be appropriate to the theme, such as the environment and health using blue and green, children’s activities using soft colors while corporate design need to use a color corresponding to the image you want to highlight.

Here is a simple example of graphic design that is appropriate and suitable to be used:

Inappropriate Design

Good Design