sine-slapThe SINE-SLAB system is an integrated part of a coastal protection structure.This system is applicable for revetment, at coastal and riverbank areas. Hydraulic investigations have been carried out rigorously for the model tests at various model scales by the research team at the Coastal & Offshore Engineering Institute (COEI) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


stepfloatSTEPFLOAT, a modular floating breakwater system, was developed for shore protection and coastal shelter by intercepting and dissipating (rather than reflecting) the incident wave energy through the formation of wave breaking, turbulence, vortices and frictional dissipation.The system was found to be an effective floating breakwater in attenuating incident waves up to 80 %.


seagrassAFR Synthetic Seagrass is a soft engineering structure, which plays an important role in retaining sediments along the coastline due to the reduction of the shear stresses, exerted by currents and waves on the seabed.


Tarmshe Artificial Mangrove Root System or ARMS as a new generation of ecological friendly coastal protection system has been introduced by the COEI laboratory.The system can dissipate wave energy by turbulence mechanism and produces very small wave reflection.The ArMS is designed by replicate the mangrove root configuration.It consists of a trunk, main and secondary roots and the roots are installed layer by layer that make it easy to construct.

hydro-cheeseThe Hydro~Cheese is designed to be a squarish and porous structure. The system consists of a series of single wave barrier modules with permeable sharp-edged tiers and holes of various sizes to act as a breakwater~reef system. The design incorporated various concepts of wave energy dissipation, which include frictional dissipation, wave overtopping and breaking, turbulence,vortices and eddies, and aims to reduce wave reflection to a minimum to provide safety to moving vessels nearby.