Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

1)     What is COEI?

COEI is an acronym of Coastal and Offshore Engineering Institute (COEI), which was established officially by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 1990. COEI was an arms of Water Research Alliance, managing two Research Group (RG) under its organization, Research Group Hydroinformatic and Research Group Coastal Ocean Dynamic and Ecosystem.

2)     What is the main role of COEI?

COEI plays a main role in the research and development in the field of coastal and ocean engineering .Our institution also get involved in various type of consultancy, training and technical advisory services for government ,private sectors, students and professional community in our area of expertise.

3)     What are the research directions of COEI?

COEI was focusing on 6 research directions that match to our core business as listed below:

1)     Coastal Zone Resources Management.

2)     Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability OF Coastal Zones to Climate Change.

3)     Reef Systems and Marine Resources Sustainability.

4)     Innovation and Instrumentations in Coastal Marine Structures.

5)     Coastal Hazard Monitoring and Mitigation.

6)     Modelling of Coastal Ocean Dynamics and Ecosystems.

4)     What are the services offered by COEI?

COEI offers a broad spectrum of services ranging from consultancy services, technical advisory and special training for student and professional community. We also involved in infrastructural development of coastal engineering product that parallel to our research paradigm.

5)     What is the main goal of COEI?

COEI aims to be a leading centre for training, research and consultation in coastal engineering activity in this region.