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The Center for Coastal and Ocean Engineering (COEI) was officially established by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 1990. We are the first research and development (R&D) institution specialising in coastal and offshore engineering to be set up in Malaysia. The initial formation of COEI started in 1984 when a group of staff at the Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM worked together in research and consultancy projects in this field. Realising the dearth of local expertise and considerable reliance on foreign experts, the group began to nurture and develop interests in this area of engineering amongst local professionals and academics and this culminated in the formation of COEI. We provide specialised training to students and the professional community. Through our well established links with international experts and organisations, we were able to broaden and enhance the local scope and knowledge in this field. The research and consultancy services provided by COEI including the development of coastal protection and computer modelling systems, and the applications of computer simulation and physical modelling for feasibility studies, hydraulic and coastal designs and impact assessment studies. Our clients include various government agencies and local authorities, private developers and consulting firms, port and highway authorities, local universities and multi-national companies. We also provide technical advisory services to the government pertaining to the evaluation of Environmental Impacts Assessment reports. We are also involved in training technical staff from other agencies and play a major role in drafting various national guidelines and policies pertaining to the practice of coastal and hydraulic engineering in Malaysia.COEI has extensive experience in hydraulic and coastal site investigation and data collection, development and applications of physical and mathematical models and conducting comprehensive hydraulic and coastal studies.

We are relocating to UTM Skudai soon.