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Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is a leading innovation-driven entrepreneurial research university in engineering, science, and technology and continuously strives to develop and enhance quality academic and professional programme to meet the international standard and global recognition. UTM has been recognized as one of the best university in Malaysia in producing high-quality graduates. The UTM Career Centre is a platform to provide career information and knowledge to students in UTM. Once again this year,  the UTM Career Centre will be organizing Career Carnival 2020.


Appreciation for All UTMVCC Participants

This year was tough for the world and the same goes for UTMCC 2020.However, we all work hard and UTMVCC 2020 had pulled off.All thanks no less to all the participants who joined in our events and webinars!! We appreciate your gift of time, support and enthusiasm.We...

Appreciation for UTMVCC Platinum Sponsor – Micron Technology

UTM Virtual Carnival had come to an end and all of this could not be possible without the cooperation and support of our value Platinum Sponsor, Micron Technology! We want to express our gratitude on your continuous support and cooperation on this regard. A great help...

Appreciation for All UTMVCC Events Partners

【Appreciation for All UTMVCC Events Partners】 All bits and pieces are important in finishing up a puzzle. We, UTMVCC would also like to express our gratitude towards all the events partners that had helped to make UTMVCC as successful as it is. We could not have...

Appreciation for All UTM VCC 2020 Media Partners

【Appreciation to All UTMVCC Media Partners】 Being the first to try out an online career carnival was a great challenge to UTMCC.As the leader of this new trend, we could not be this successful without the help from our media partners ( UTM, UTM Career Centre, MPP UTM,...

UTM Virtual Career Carnival 2020 Montage

UTM VIRTUAL CAREER CARNIVAL 2020 -TEASER Throwback to the wonderful time last week. Let’s have a look at this teaser on our opening ceremony and recall the glorious memory on that day! We are proud to announce that UTMVCC 2020 has ended successfully! Thanks for the...

Live Webinar: “The Importance of Your First Job…I am Here, I am Now”

【UTM VIRTUAL CAREER CARNIVAL WEBINAR- Venture Senai】 We are proud to announce that we will be discussing with Mr Andrew Tay, the director of Venture Corporation Senai Plant about “The importance of your first job…..I am here, I am now”! The details of the live webinar...

Live Webinar: Graduate Employability

【UTM VIRTUAL CAREER CARNIVAL WEBINAR-Ranhill Holdings Bhd】 UTMVCC is happy to inform that we had successfully invited Ranhill Holdings Bhd to give us a webinar talk this coming Friday! The details of the webinar are as follow: Title: Graduate EmployabilitySpeaker: Mr....

Live Webinar: Environmental Practices by GAMUDA

【UTM VIRTUAL CAREER CARNIVAL WEBINAR - Gamuda Berhad】 UTM Virtual Career Carnival will conduct a live webinar session, "Environmental Practices by GAMUDA" that is exclusively brought to you by Mr. Muhammad Haikal, the Senior Engineer from Gamuda Berhad. The details of...

Live Webinar: Your Future Starts Here

【UTM VIRTUAL CAREER CARNIVAL WEBINAR- Micron Technology】 UTM Virtual Career Carnival will conduct a live webinar session, "Your Future Starts Here" that is exclusively brought to you by Mr. Wan Azizul Efendi bin Wan Awang, the assembly senior manufacturing manager of...

Live Webinar: #YourJourneyStartsHere

【UTM VIRTUAL CAREER CARNIVAL WEBINAR- Schlumberger】 This coming Thursday, we are bringing to you another live webinar titled #YourJourneyStartsHere that is exclusively brought to you by the one and only Mr. Chua Han Jim, the recruiting manager from Schlumberger....

Organizational Team

UTM Career Carnival is a fully student-run event under supervision of UTM Career Centre. It provides great platform for students to polish their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Students also have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with various companies which enhance their skills and professionalism.

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