About Us

The Bacterial Technology Research Group (UTMBacTech)   is a research group focusing on the utilization of bacteria in various disciplines such as bioremediation, biodegradation, fermentation, biosensor, immobilization, feed formulation and bioreactor. With strong personnel comprising of experts from FS, FCCE and FBME, the UTMBacTech group believes in playing an active role towards the realization of UTM as a focal point to generate creative and innovative minds.

Focus research areas include the bioremediation of toxic heavy metals waste effluents, biorecovery of precious metals, biodegradation of organic pollutants, biosensor, chitin and chitosan production, cell immobilization, feeds for the aquaculture industry, transport phenomena in bioreactor, fermentation technology and design of novel bioreactor systems which include miniature bioreactor setup.

Besides constantly publishing in international publications (journals, books), the UTM BacTech also has filed a number of patent applications to the Malaysian Patent Office for some of the products developed. These products include theChromeBacTM system, the Siakap Best and one method to detect the concentrations of formalin in aquaculture produce.



To be recognized and established as a major biotechnology service provider in the field of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology.



To develop, apply, patent, protect, licence and transfer of products, processes  and manufacturing techniques in the bioremediation and wastewater treatment (focusing on heavy metals, phenol and COD contamination), biorecovery of heavy metals as well in application of microorganism.


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