Travel Award

Travel Award and sponsorship will be awarded to the following selected participants as per committee decision. The award will be provided at the conference dinner on 8th December 2018. The candidates must attend the dinner ceremony to receive sponsorship amount. However, participants have to travel on their own and must present traveling documents for claiming the award.

List of Selected Candidates for Travel Awards


Sr. No.  Abstract Id Name
1 AIC-2018-FMM-35 Shazia Hassan
2 AIC-2018-AMOS-141 Dr. Muhammad Arif
3 AIC-2018-FMM-159 Saima Aftab
4 AIC-2018-FMM-160 Komal Khalid
5 AIC-2018-FMM-180 Nasir Mehmood
6 AIC-2018-EIEF-219 Caleb Adelowo
7 AIC-2018-GDHEC-237 TAM BUI
8 AIC-2018-FMM-296 Shahid Bashir
9 AIC-2018-FMM-331 Hina Shahab
10 AIC-2018-FMM-351 Nuzhat Shamim
11 AIC-2018-FMM-359 Iffat Rasool
12 AIC-2018-GDHEC-417 virgilio jao
13 AIC-2018-EIEF-562 Chet Narayan Acharya
14 AIC-2018-GDHEC-619 Nur Farahiyah Mohd Nasir
15 AIC-2018-GDHEC-735 Lillian Olagoke-Oladokun
17 AIC-2018-FMM-762 Bernard Lim Jit Heng
18 AIC-2018-FMM-773 Salman Liaquat
19 AIC-2018-EIEF-805 Aswin Rivai



NOTE: The travel award contains two days accommodation (shared), food, and 50% travel expanse subject to a maximum of RM 1000 reimbursement. Only economy class travel will be entertained. The recipient needs to provide relevant documents and receipts for travel allowance claim. The recipients need to pay the conference fee in full.