Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng.

Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono was inaugurated as Rector of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) on 26 May 2017 for the term of office between 2017-2022 after elected in a series of Selection and Election process of Rector of UGM that was conducted in early 2017. He was born in Kebumen, Central Java, on 1 June 1960, graduating from Chemical Engineering Department at Faculty of Engineering UGM in 1986 and soon became assistant lecturer in that Department. Later he earned both his Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering degrees from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, respectively in 1990 and 1993. His doctoral dissertation was entitled Concentration Difference Heat Pump Using Fusion and Freezing Processes.

He held a number of positions at UGM, including Head of Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering (2007 – 2008), Assistant Director of Finance of QUE Project in Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (1999 – 2004), Assistant Director of Equipment of OECF UGM Project (2000 – 2005), Assistant Director of Finance of PHK B, Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (2006 – 2008), Vice-Director of Facilities and Infrastructure of Faculty of Engineering(1995–2003), Vice-Director of Finance of Faculty of Engineering (2003–2005), Assistant to Vice-Dean II of Faculty of Engineering for Planning and Facilities-Infrastructure (2005–2008), Vice-Dean of Faculty of Engineering for Administration, Finance, and Human Resource (2008-2012), and Dean of Faculty of Engineering (from 2012-1016 and 2016-2017). Panut Mulyono also served in Board of Experts of UGM’s Centre for Energy Studies since 1997 until today.

Panut Mulyono earned awards as Outstanding Lecturer I, Faculty of Engineering UGM in 1996, and in May 2012 earned Satyalencana Karya Satya XX award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Furthermore, a 25 Years of Service award was earned from Rector of UGM in 2013. On 10 April 2018 Panut Mulyono was granted Honoris Causadoctorate (Dr. H.C.) in education by Hanseo University, Korea, and Dwija Widya Abiyasa honorary title by Darma Persada University Jakarta on 2 May 2018.

Panut Mulyono conducted research in areas of heat transfer, mass transfer, and energy. Many of his research were related to extraction of precious substances from Indonesian plants, extraction of metal elements from Indonesian mineral substances, and new and renewable energies. Panut Mulyono has published over 67 scientific papers in national and international journals, and proceedings in national and international seminars. Panut Mulyono has written several books, including Chemical Engineering Systems Analysis (ISBN: 978-602-386-154-5). At UGM he teaches courses including Engineering Drawing, Calculus, Analysis and Optimisation of Chemical Engineering Systems, Analysis with Instrumentation in Chemical Engineering, Engineering Economics, Heat Transfer, Energy Management and Conservation, Mathematical Analysis in Chemical Engineering, Advanced Mathematical Analysis, Environmental Systems Modelling, The Potential of Industrial Raw Materials, Operations Management, and Hazardous Waste Control. He joined professional organisations such as The Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII) and The Society of Chemical Engineers of Japan (SCEJ).