About UTMAlumni

UTMAlumni holds an official long history of service with UTM. It was initialized on April 1st 1996 with an aim to build a continues relationship between UTM and its graduates both socially and professionally. Throughout the years of service, UTMAlumni has gain the trust and feeling of dependable among the graduates towards UTM.



“Alumni the Inheritance of Leadership” (Alumni Pewaris Kepimpinan)


  • To collect latest information of UTM Alumni’s
  • To sustain a good relationship between UTM and Alumni’s
  • To inform latest news to UTM Alumni
  • To foster sense of belonging among UTM Alumni’s
  • To generate support from UTM Alumni’s to UTM
  • To furnish a recognition to the outstanding graduates
  • To endow a award to the victorious Alumni both in career and social service
  • To generate income for the “UTM Alumni Endownment Fund” to offer erudition to UTM Alumni


Graduates from Technical School, Technical College, National Technology Institutes (ITK) and in UTM varies form Certificate up till Doctorate level.

Associated Members includes:

  • Graduates of twining programs with UTM
  • Non-UTM Alumni lecturer
  • Individual that had covenant with UTM (by invitation)


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