ADC provides consultancy services in areas related to automotive technology and engineering. Below are some of the consultancy works associated with ADC:

1) Engine Performance Test for multi-cylinders engineengine docking

Engine testbed system equipped with Dynomite eddy current engine docking dynamometer (370 kW), spark ignition (gasoline) engine (Toyota 4AGE, 1.6 liter ), compression ignition (diesel) engine (Mitsubishi 4D68, 2.0 liter), DAQ system (Dyno-Max software), Emission analyzer (EMS), Smoke tester (Bosch) and fuel consumption measurement (Ono-Sokki).engine docking 2engine docking 1

2) Engine Performance Test for single-cylinders engine

dewemagtrol 1Engine testbed system equipped with Magtrol eddy current dynamometer (30kW & 70kW), compression ignition (diesel) engine (Yanmar L70N, 0320 liter), dynamometer controller (Magtrol), in-cylinder analysis DAQ (Dewetron, CA software), Emission analyzer (EMS) and Smoke tester (Bosch).




3) Engine Simulation using Industrial Standard Software

4) HVAC Testing for Automotive and Domestic Applications

5) Prototyping Services

6) Fuel Additive Product/ Device Evaluation

7) Short Courses on Specialize Subjects Related to Internal Combustion Engine and HVAC.