NoTitleJournal/ ProceedingAuthorsCorresponding/ Main AuthorYearQuartile in CategoryIF ISIVol/ Pgs
1Performance prediction of HCCI engines with oxygenated fuels using artificial neural networksApplied EnergyRezaei, J., Shahbakhti, M., Bahri, B., Aziz,A.A.Prof Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz2015Q15.613138/460-473
2Experimental and theoretical investigation on hydrogen permeation with flat sheet Pd/Ag membrane for hydrogen mixture with various inlet H2 mole fractions and speciesSeparation and Purification TechnologyHasan Mohd Faizal, Yuki Kawasaki, Takeshi Yokomori, Toshihisa UedaDr Mohd Faizal Bin Hasan2015Q13.091149/208-215
3Empirical correlations for sizing adiabatic capillary tubes using conventional refrigerants and their alternatives Heat Transfer ResearchShodiya Sulaimon, Azhar Abdul Aziz , Henry Nasution & Amer Nordin Darus Prof Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz2015Q40.47746
4Numerical and experimental study of an ejector as an expansion device in split-type air conditioner for energy savingsEnergy and BuildingsSumeru. K, Sulaimon. S, Nasution. H ., Ani, F.N.Ir Dr Henry Nasution2014Q12.67979/98-105
5Grey-box Modeling of HCCI EnginesApplied Thermal EngineeringM. Bidarvatana, V. Thakkar, M. Shahbakhti, B. Bahri, A. Abdul AzizProf Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz2014Q12.12770 (1)/ 397-409
6An Experimental Study on the Influence of EGR Rate and Fuel Octane Number on the Combustion Characteristics of a CAI Two-Stroke Cycle EngineApplied Thermal EngineeringAmin Mahmoudzadeh Andwar, Azhar Abdul Aziz, Mohd Farid Muhamad Said, Zulkarnain Abdul LatiffProf Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz2014Q12.12771/248-258
7Experimental investigation of the influence of internal and external EGR on the combustion characteristics of a controlled auto-ignition two-stroke cycle engineApplied EnergyAmin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari , Azhar Abdul Azi z, Mohd Farid Muhamad Said, Zulkarnain Abdul LatiffProf Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz2014Q15.261134/
8Understanding And Detecting Misfire In An HCCI Engine Fuelled With EthanolApplied EnergyB. Bahri, A.A. Aziz , M. F. Muhammad SaidProf Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz2013Q14.781108/24-33
9Analysis And Modelling Of Exhaust Gas Temperature In An Ethanol Fuelled HCCI EngineJournal of Mechanical Science and TechnologyBahri, B., Aziz, A.A ., Shahbakhti, M., Said, M.F.M. Prof Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz2013Q30.61627(11)/3531-3539
10A Review On Two-Phase Ejector As An Expansion Device On The Vapor Compression Refrigeration CycleJournal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy ReviewsK. Sumeru, H. Nasution , F.N. AniIr Dr Henry Nasution2012Q16.01816(7)/4927-4937
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