Novelty of DC Compressor (DCC) for Automotive Air Conditioning System



The automotive air conditioning compressor (ACC) is belt driven by the engine. The compressor speed is directly proportional to the engine speed. Therefore, the cooling capacity will vary as the engine speed changes. To meet the air conditioning (AC) demand, the compressor continually cycles on and off. In the novelty, the compressor of the AAC is driven by an electric motor which is in turn operated by an electrical battery (12 volt). The use of direct current compressor (DCC) is seen as a solution to the existing system. Using the proposed system, DCC achieves significant improvements in energy efficiency.


DCC Technology

  • Control panel with variable-speed drive capability utilizing an intelligent control system (Fuzzy Logic Control-FLC) methods.
  • Feedback signals generated from electronic thermal sensors contribute to the efficiency of the system.


Novelty of Product

  • Capability of controlling DCC for automotive/vehicle air conditioning system with variable-speed operation.
  • Ability of matching the performance of DCC for automotive/ vehicle air conditioning system with cooling load.
  • Temperature controller based on reset value of fuzzy logic control.
  • The main advantage of this new concept is its simple installation method and maintenance coupled with the capability to conserve energy.


Market Potential

  • Replacement of conventional automotive/vehicle air conditioning systems.
  • Replacement of the conventional control systems in conventional automotive/vehicle air conditioning systems.



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