NoTitleJournal/ ProceedingAuthorsCorresponding/ Main AuthorYearVol/ Pgs
1Development of Properties Database of Carbon Dioxide RefrigerantJurnal Teknos 2kHenry Nasution *, Mohd Hazim Che HassanIr Dr Henry Nasution201515 (2)
2Design of a Small Scale Biofuels Plant for Internal Combustion EngineJurnal Teknos 2kAbdullah Mustafa Hamid, Zulkarnain Abdul Latiff *, Azhar Abdul Aziz, Mohd Rozi Mohd PerangDr Zulkarnain Abdul Latiff 201515 (2)
3Flow Analysis of Intake Port in Internal Combustion EngineJurnal Teknos 2kMohd Zahin Mohd Shahrin, Mohd Farid Muhamad Said *, Nur Adila Mohamad ShafieDr Mohd Farid Bin Muhamad Said201515 (2)
4 Engine Performance Analysis of Cylinder Deactivation SystemJurnal Teknos 2kMohamad Syazwan Mohd Sadali, Mohd Farid Muhamad Said *Dr Mohd Farid Bin Muhamad Said201515 (1)
5The Water-Cooled Engine System PerformanceJurnal Teknos 2kHenry Nasution , Zarina YusofIr Dr Henry Nasution201515 (1)
6Evaluation of Garden Tools Set and Its Performance CharacteristicsJurnal Teknos 2kMohd Rozi Mohd Perang, Azhar Abdul Aziz , Zulkarnain Abdul Latiff, Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari, Henry Nasution, Hishammudin Mohd Jamil and Mohd Nazri MisseriProf Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz201515 (1)
7Characterization of Oil Palm Frond Juice and Fiber as Feedstock for Biobutanol ProductionJurnal Teknos 2kAbubakar Sadiq. Aliyu, Azhar Abdul Aziz ,Adibah Yahya and Zulkanain Abdul lattiffProf Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz201515 (1)
8Intake Port Flow Study On Cylinder Head Using FlowbenchJournal of Transport System EngineeringM. F. Samuri,M. F. Muhamad Said, N. A. Mohamad Shafie, Z Abdul Latiff, A. Abdul AzizDr Mohd Farid Bin Muhamad Said20152/2
9Portable UV Plasma Air Purifier in AutomobileJournal of Transport System EngineeringF. L. Kow, H. NasutionIr Dr Henry Nasution20152/2
10Physical Characteristics Of Briquettes Contain Mixture Of Pulverized Empty Fruit Bunch And Polyethylene PlasticsJournal Of Advanced Research In Materials ScienceH. Mohd Faizal, Z. A. Latiff, M. A. Mohd Iskandar and
M. S. Mohamad Nazri
11n-Cabin Vehicle Initial Temperature Control: A
Journal of Advanced Review on Scientific ResearchA. H. Zulkifli, H. Nasution, A. A. Dahlan and A. Abdul AzizIr Dr Henry Nasution2015613/1
12Conceptual Design Of Remotely Operated Underwater VehicleJournal Of Transport System Engineering Roslan, I.S, Muhamad Said, M. F , Abu Bakar, S.A.Dr Mohd Farid Bin Muhamad Said20141
13Ethanol Fuelled Hcci Engine: A ReviewWorld Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET)B. Bahri, A.A. Aziz , M. Shahbakthi, and M.F. Muhamad SaidProf Ir Dr Azhar Bin Abdul Aziz201379/ 119
14Simulation Of Alternative Refrigerant Characteristics Using Artificial Neural Network In Air-Conditioning SystemUniversitas Bung Hatta PressAzhar Abdul Aziz, Dr. Ir.HENRY NASUTION , Dr. Amer Nordin DarusIr Dr Henry Nasution20121
15Energy Efficiency On Split-Type Air Conditioning System Using Hydrocarbon Mixtures As Drop-In Replacement For R-22Universitas Bung Hatta PressHENRY NASUTION , Dr.Ir Dr Henry Nasution20121
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