Student Testimony

Today will be my 14 amazing years with UTM as student and contract staff. Its not about getting hired by big company,but the value and competency gained throughout the curriculum really shaped us to bring an A game.

Mohd 'Azizir-Rahim Mukri

PhD candidate

My 4 years in UTM are indeed a memorable experience in which I learnt all the skills (soft and technical) and knowledge so that I can be well equipped for my career as an engineer. UTM has one of the best set of facilities which is close to industrial grade in which the students can learn and practice before going into the real industrial environment.

My 4th year is indeed a great experience in which I am assigned a professional fyp supervisor, Dr Athif who provide valuable guidance and resources for my research on birdnest impurities detection at CAIRO and A2lab. I hope CAIRO and A2lab can continue to improve and one day can become Malaysia renowned research facilility.

Goh Kai Woon

PhD candidate

I did learn more than just mere engineering knowledge in UTM. Soft skills such as presentation skills are important skills needed in our modern world, which I gained during my time in UTM, especially with A2lab. I really appreciated all the things I experienced in UTM. Hopefully I’ll have opportunity to become student again in UTM.

Muhaimin Mohd Fadzil

Master graduand 2018

Sepanjang hampir 1 dekad dalam pembelajaran peringkat siswazah dan pasca siswazah di UTM, banyak peluang ilmu dan kemahiran yang telah saya pelajari.

Perkongsian-perkongian ilmu dalam bidang pengajaran mahupun penyelidikan diperingkat nasional dan internasional telah memberikan aspirasi yang tidak terhingga dalam diri saya sehingga saya yakin mendepani cabaran masa depan dengan bekalan ilmu dan pengetahuan yang mencukupi.

Saya berharap UTM dapat terus menghasilkan ribuan graduan cemerlang yang akan mencorakkan masa depan negara yang gemilang dan terbilang.

Dr. Muhammad Rusydi Muhammad Razif

Graduan UTM 2017