Rules and Regulation



1. visiting hours.


2. no-smoking inside campus


3. male visitor cannot enter girls college.


4. Respect the peace and prayer of worship inside the mosque.


5. Abide by the general rules of the UTM as displayed around the building.


6. Guests / Visitors are PROHIBITED from taking / removing / modifying / damaging any facilities in the  park including the trees and equipment.


7. Throwing garbage / food waste within the vicinity of the area and into the university lake is prohibited.


8. Alcohol is not permitted on the Reserve except with an event licensed obtain through Campus Events and Visitor Services. The one-day event license will allow serving of alcohol, within certain guidelines.


9. Collection of plant and wildlife specimens is prohibited, without prior written authorization and appropriate State or Federal permits.


10. It is against the law to possess guns and some types of knives on UC Davis property without permission from the University Police. Hunting and shooting are not allowed on the Reserve.