The sports facilities in campus focuses on its main objectives to help boost the sports spirits as well as promotes healthy living among the students.



Facilities                                      Location                         

  • Kayak                                             Nearby Lake
  • Recretional Forest                      Nearby Tun Razak College
  • Horse                                             Equine Centre
  • Volleyball/Beach Soccer            Nearby Equine Centre
  • Petanque                                       Nearby Equine Centre
  • Eco-Recreation                            Opposite Health Centre


UTM Swimming Pool Information
Information regarding UTM pool are as follows :

The bus service is provided to the stadium and swimming pools from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm with effect from December 12, 2011 .(Monday to Friday)

* Sports Facilities Booking

All of our sports facilities are managed by First Come First Serve basis.

  • Monday to Friday : (7:30 am – 6.50 pm)   (8.00 pm– 10.30 pm)
  • Saturday & Sunday : (8:00 am– 6.50 pm)


Officer in charge (Contact)

Mr. Ainul Jamilus bin Ahmad
Sports & Youth Officer
Phone : 07-5535776

Ms. Rodiah binti Kasiran
Sports & Youth Assistant Officer
Phone : 07-5536227

General Office
Phone : 07-5535775/35766/35774