Research University

The Ministry of Education formed an Ad Hoc committee, comprising research from Malaysian universities, to formulate a concept paper on the establishment of research universities (RUs). The content of the paper deals with their vision, missions and goals, the criteria and standard for Rus, their governance, prevision of incentives, accreditation concerns, cost implications and a viable action plan. The vision of an RU expands existing philosophies and good practices to enhance overall educations system and contribute to nation building.

“A research university seeks to actively participate in new adventures of ideas, experiment with innovative methods, and take intellectual initiatives to further discover and expand the frontiers of knowledge”.

“The mission of Research University is to be an engine of growth of the nation where scholars and students exchange ideas as well as conduct research in a conducive environment that nurtures exploration and creativity discover knowledge and create wealth, leading towards an improved quality of life”.

The goals of the RU are:

  • to be a leader in innovation;
  • to produce Nobel Prize winners;
  • to be produced world class research outputs;
  • to be a center of excellence in prioritized areas of the nation;
  • to generate high impact research publications;
  • to secure research funds from industry;
  • to attract and to graduate students of high standard;
  • to attract the best brains for teaching and research; and
  • to provide a conducive environment for all the above.