Student & Staff Microcredits

What is HEMA Microcredits?

HEMA Microcredits is a newly launched programme by UTM via the Office of Student’s Affairs & Alumni which offers up to RM3,000 in loans to students of all levels who wish to start up their own companies, business, projects and so much more.

Why HEMA Microcredits?

At UTM, besides producing academically excellent students, we also look into producing entrepreneurs.  With that in mind, we are happy and proud to be helping our student relish their dreams in the world of business.  The benefits of HEMA Microcredits are:

1.      Loans up to RM3,000 a year up for grabs.

2.      Offered to 300 students a year.

3.      Payment can be made in 12 months time.

4.      Loans are interest free.

So where else can you get the money to start up your business with those perks than through HEMA Microcredits at UTM.

Who is eligible for HEMA Microcredits?

All students of UTM are eligible to apply for the loan.