Part Time

Part Time Degree Part Time Diploma



Programmes Codes
Faculty of Built Environment
Bachelor of Urban and Regionnal Planning SBW
Bachelor of Science in Construction SBC
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture SBL
Bachelor of Quantity Surveyor SBQ
Bachelor of Architecture SBS
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) SAW
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) SEE
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and Health Science
Bachelor of Engineering (Bio-Medical) SWB
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) SMM
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) SKK
Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical- Gas)
Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate
Bachelor of Engineering (Geomatics) SGU
Bachelor of Science (Real Estate Management) SGH
Bachelor of Science (Land Administration & Development) SGT
Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Technology with Education (Living Skills) SPH
Bachelor of Science with Education (Sport Science) SPS
Bachelor of Science with Education (Science) SPN
Bachelor of Science with Education (Islamic Studies) FTI
Bachelor of Science with Education (TESL) SPL
Bachelor of Science and Computer with Education (Mathematics) SPT
Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development
Bachelor of Management (Technology) SHD
Bachelor of Management (Marketing) SHF
Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development) SHR
Bachelor of Science with Education (Islamic Studies) SPI
Faculty of Science
Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry) SSC
Faculty of Computer Science and Information System
Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) SCJ
Bachelor of Computer Science (Graphics and Multimedia Software) SCV
Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Networks and Security) SCR



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