List Problems MMMC2015

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fadhilah Yusof

  • Stochastic Disaggregation of rainfall series
    • The need for hourly and subhourly data for hydrological applications, especially in flood studies, suggests the use of appropriate techniques to refine the available daily information and provide the user with possible realisations at hourly and subhourly scales. The objective of this project is to disaggregate daily rainfall data into hourly and sub-hourly data using stochastic method. The model developed is able to be applied at various sites and for different rainfall patterns.

problem Dr Fadhilah





Dr. Robert Style

  • Optimal positioning of security cameras
    • This problem involves optimising the number of security cameras in an indoor space. In particular, we would like to minimise the number of cameras needed, while ensuring that we have a good coverage of the room. Ideally, we would like to be able to input the geometry of a room into a computer program and have it tell us the best placing of cameras.

problem Dr Robert style





Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Hassan Mohamed Murid

  • Mathematical Modeling for Mudball Treatment of Pollution in Skudai River, Johor
    • This problem involves determining the most favourable amount of Effective Microorganism (EM) for achieving the optimum decontamination of pollutant in rivers. This study involves modelling a lumped parameter model governed by a non advection equation in a steady state case for one spatial dimension.

problem Dr Ali hassan





Prof. Dr. Edy Soewono

  • Mathematical Modelling in Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
    • Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) is a method that utilizes microbial activity as an agent to enhance oil recovery. Previous study shows that certain bacteria have the ability to live in high-pressured condition and change the chemical and physical properties of hydrocarbon by decreasing the interfacial tension, density and viscosity of oil. In this problem, we would like to construct a mathematical model that depicts the growth of such bacteria.

problem Dr Edy soewono





Prof. Robert McKibbin

  • Mathematical Modelling in Industry
    • We consider five possible problems in industry which involve mathematical modelling: the green bike scheme, optimisation issues for apple manufacturers, optimising hydro-electric power generation, modelling lake pollution, and spray droplet interception.

problem Dr Robert Mckibbin




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Troy Farrell

  • Industrial problem on the electrochemical modelling of battery electrodes
    • This is an industrial problem on the electrochemical modelling of battery electrodes. It offers a good selection of solution approaches, including analytical, numerical and approximate (asymptotic analysis). Requires the use of MATLAB.

problem Dr Troy Farrell