UTM Relationship with Students and Parents

UTM approach to its relationship with its undergraduates recognizes their status as young adults—even those few who have not yet reached the majority age of 18. UTM respects the role of parents, even if its primary relationship is with its students. UTM parents are our partners: parents interact with students, and UTM interacts with students. The student is at the center—and is the focus—of this important partnership.

Parents can become involved with UTM in many ways. We strongly support the efforts of parents to help their sons and daughters develop into independent adults who take charge of their own lives and make decisions with greater confidence than before. Among the principles guiding UTM relationship with its students are the following:

  • Students are trusted to be able to manage their own affairs, including decisions and responsibilities around academic, financial and personal issues.
  • Students are afforded privacy in their academic and personal lives. They are expected to act responsibly (in accordance with the Fundamental Standard and the Honor Code), and they should expect to be held accountable for their behavior. When they do make mistakes—and they will—UTM is committed to trying to help them learn and grow as a result.
  • Students should and do have available university resources to help them help themselves in their academic and personal development.