Flood: Number of Flood’s Victim in Kelantan Increase

Kuala Krai: The number of victims who have moved to evacuation center at Veterinary Hall, increased to 14 families compared to 11 families, the first victim to be evacuated last night.

Based on eBanjir portal, until 8 o’clock this morning, the number of victims rose to 47 people compared with only 36 victims so far at 7 pm yesterday.

The amount involved 28 adults and 19 children.

Kuala Krai ‘s Officer of Social Welfare Department (JKM), Zulbahri Ibrahim, said the number of victims is increasing at around 1 am when three families comprising 11 people come to shelters after their homes were flooded.

(Source: BH Online – 29 Dec 2015)