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We offer students to join our group as a student practical. Much knowledge as you can get from our group.

Testimonial students


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Muhd Syarifuddin Bin Sukerno Internship at INSTeG help me gained experienced and knowledge about real work on how to handle a project that related with GIS and Remote Sensing. All tasks during internship have improved my skills and knowledge. It is good to be here to gain our knowledge. Thank to my supervisor, Dr. Jaw Siow Wei and my fellows at INSTeG
Putri Alya Bt Mohd Nasir From this internship, i have learned and gain so much knowledge that i may not get from anywhere else. I have been thought so much on how to handle some of the GIS and Remote Sensing software, and i think by kept on practicing on what i have gain here can help me to polish my skills. Plus this internship gave me such a valuable experience especially when we were given chance to collaborate on a real project. I have to say people here are nice and never been stingy to share their knowledge with us.
Syafika Bt Abdul Ghani INSTeG is the best place for internship! Why? Because here is the place where you will be trained to achieve professionalism and demonstrate you to have a strong work ethic. I have gained a lot of valuable experiences during my internship and I know it would be really helpful for me when I step into a real-world job. A lot of thanks to Dr Jaw Siow Wei; my supervisor because of the support she gave to me, and encourages me to be here until the end of the internship.

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For supervisor FYP, we provide advisory services to UTM students doing final year project. There are many interesting ideas that we provide in addition to exploring the field of science and technology. Among the areas that you can explore as below: –

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